A Bump in the Right Direction

In October 2007 I was pulled over on the highway in northern New South Wales Australia to answer my phone and a 18 wheel semi trailer ran into me from behind leaving me with 13 fractured ribs, 6 fractures in my back a lacerated liver, right lung collapsed left partially and a hit on the head, it's what I now call my bump in the right direction. How I ever survived this accident was open to different theories but one thing was for sure it wasnt so I could sit around feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes we have things go agaisnt us in life what ever they are but those are the times you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, set some positve goals and get about acheiving them. This is just my story.
My adventure started on the 23/1/2011 from Brunswick Heads just north of Byron Bay Australias most easterly point. I wasnt sure where or which way I was going but had decided to toss a coin heads north around Australia tails South.  The coin came up tails so it was South
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Atacama Desert Chile
Over 4 years on the road through  76 countries on 7 continents the journey continues.                       
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Co-founder of Riders for Health MotoGp legend Randy Mamola myself and current MotoGp rider Alvaro Batista meeting in Zambia.
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